Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Fine Frenzy

This is my attempt at Alison Sudol, also known as "A Fine Frenzy." I stylized her somewhat and now find myself wishing I'd stylized either much more or much less.

Regardless, this is my tribute to one of my favorite musicians. I'd like to do a portrait that is good enough to send her, someday. She has influenced me in many ways, and for the better. A Fine Frenzy's music is clean, unique, and enchanting. Alison retains her own style and absolute femininity in her singing. I love listening to her music on good days, bad days, and those in-between sort of days. She also looks cool, so naturally I had to try to paint her. If you haven't heard of her before, check out her website.

Or just start with one of my favorite songs by her, "You Picked Me."

Also, any critiques would be great. I am not really comfortable with portrait painting and it's something I haven't studied, so I know there are better ways of doing things! I'd appreciate any input on this one.


  1. Awesome! I like it a lot Kat! P.S. this is ray

  2. I know who you are! Am I not following you? I need to follow you. >>